Upcoming events

    • 10/07/2017
    • 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM
    • Heisler Park, Laguna Beach, CA

    About This Walk - Yes, this is a FREE event!

    Need to go to www.worldwidewalk.com to register...

    Like past years; we have the chance to take great landscape photos and we able to have a “shoot-and-learn” workshop. This year we’ll be introduced to a new concept in portraits which we call the “Pano-portrait” it’s a combination of a panoramic shot combined with a portrait. All you will need is a normal lens (yes, even a point-and-shoot) and a tripod. We will supply the instruction, and a few additional pieces of equipment that you will need.  We’ll find just the “right” space at Heisler Park and shoot our Pano-portraits. Everyone who wants to shoot will have an opportunity. Of course, you are free to shoot any of the wonderful scenes that you’ll discover within Heisler Park. There will be “tons” of people around the area – so plan on arriving early to find parking (you might have to walk a bit); don’t forget to bring quarters or your credit card – parking at the meters in Laguna Beach is strictly enforced. I assure you – you’ll learn a new way of creating terrific portraits and if you’ve never been to Heisler Park you’ll discover another gem along our beautiful coast.

    This is the fifth year that Rick has hosted the “Coastal Walk” and we believe that this will be the best one ever! In the past, our walkers have created some spectacular photos that have won various awards in local as well as regional contests.

    There is only room for 50 attendees - as of this date 45 have already registered!

    • 10/11/2017
    • 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Calif. Center for Digital Arts, Santa Ana

    Up Close and Beautiful: Macro Photography in a New Light

    Is macro photography something you’ve been wanting to explore? Perhaps the difficulties – and being honest, there are some – have been holding you back. This program and hands-on experience will give you the jump-start you need to discover the sheer joy of doing macro the smart way. Here are the highlights:

    • You want to get into macro photography with a modest investment in equipment. We’ll explore ways to achieve high image quality without that $1,000 macro lens. Amazingly, there are optics that were designed for excellent macro imaging that can be picked up for pocket money – if you know what to look for.

    • You want to master the challenges of limited depth-of-field in close-up work. You’ll learn techniques to make the most of short depth-of-field as well as effective ways to get more depth-of-field when you need it.

    • You want to have fun with your new-found skills. Bring your camera, tripod and any macro gear you may already have. But don’t let any lack of equipment hold you back: for Canon and Nikon shooters, there will be lenses and accessories available for you to experiment with. This is definitely a hands-on workshop!

    This promises to be an educational and entertaining event. Join us and be amazed!

    About Frank Peele

    Frank has a passion for photography that began before he was a teenager – and it’s stronger today than ever. Following a 30-year career in the U. S. Navy as a photographer and photographic officer, he established a practice in commercial and fine-art photography in Redlands. He became active in the Inland Empire Professional Photographers and Videographers (IEPPV), where he is a Past President and Honorary Life Member, and in Professional Photographers of California where he is a Qualified Competition Judge and Judging Panel Moderator. He earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in motion picture production and film education from the University of Southern California. He is a PPA Certified Professional Photographer who in 2013 was inducted into the PPC Hall of Fame, and the same year also became the first inductee into the IEPPV Hall of Fame. Frank believes that one of the great creative opportunities in photography is to use macro techniques to get close to subjects of many kinds, revealing beauty that is not always obvious to the unaided eye. He’ll be teaching an immersive five-day class in macro photography at West Coast School in June of 2016 at the University of San Diego.

    • 11/08/2017
    • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Center Digital Arts 310 W. 5th St. Santa Ana

    Image Competition

    2017 is quickly coming to an end and this is our last Image Competition for the year. This year we added a new system, engaged with a great new location, and have developed new and stronger relationships.

    Let's finish this year strong and get more merits! Come early have dinner and socialize downstairs at Rinconda with some great Mexican food. Afterwards we migrate upstairs to join the others at 7:00 pm for our final Image Competition of 2017.

    Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Past events

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08/10/2016 Boudoir Photography with Cherie Steinberg
08/10/2016 Boudoir Photography with Cherie Steinberg
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06/08/2016 Turning your Photos into Fine Art with Florina Romoser
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04/21/2016 Visit (and photograph) Rancho Las Lomas
04/14/2016 Lighting Techniques with Rick Ferro
04/13/2016 Monthly Meeting - Rick Ferro - Lighting for success.
03/10/2016 Photoshop with the Amazing Michael Collins
03/09/2016 Photoshop Instruction with Michael Collins
02/10/2016 Image Comp
02/07/2016 Last Day to submit for Image Comp
02/02/2016 PPA Western District Competition
01/27/2016 2016 Open House
01/27/2016 Monthly Meeting - PPOC Open House Frank Salas
11/11/2015 Image Competition 4
09/09/2015 Special Event - An Evening with Jerry Ghoinis @ Studio Exchange
08/12/2015 Image Competition 3
07/09/2015 Vincent Versace - Workshop
07/08/2015 Vincent Versace
06/14/2015 West Coast School
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05/30/2015 PPOC at the Saddleback Photo Summit
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05/03/2015 PPOC Safari - A day at the Renfair
04/08/2015 Duane Murphy - The Adventures of the Lucky Otter, What you need to know about Drone Photography
03/26/2015 PPC's Pro Photo Expo & Confrence
03/12/2015 (WORKSHOP) Babies and Bellies a day in the studio with Ana
03/11/2015 An evening with Ana Brandt
02/27/2015 PPOC Safari - Yosemite Valley
02/18/2015 Special Event - PPOC Members only!! A night with Jerry
02/11/2015 Image Competition 1
02/05/2015 Image Critique
01/23/2015 Workshop with Arthur Rainville and Kristi Elias
01/22/2015 PPOC Installment, Awards and Membership Drive
01/20/2015 PPC STATE Image Competition 2015
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11/07/2014 Image Comp #4 Submission - READY - SUBMIT NOW!!
10/08/2014 Venders Night
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09/01/2014 Image Comp #3 Submission - READY - SUBMIT NOW!!
08/14/2014 Workshop - Iconic Portrait Lighting with George DeLoache
08/13/2014 Iconic Portrait Lighting with George DeLoache
06/11/2014 June Image Competition
04/10/2014 WS: PPOC Super Duper Gotta Be There Workshop
04/09/2014 GM: Dan Holmes, Travel for Inspiration
06/01/1990 1990 Annual Meeting
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