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Professional Photographers of Orange County is an organization that is dedicated to the continued Education of new and Professional Photographers. We achieve this by hosting Monthly Meetings, Workshops, Image Competitions Safari's and Networking Events.

Our members are committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards in our industry. 

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November 2019 Best in Show 

Image by Irene Bowers

Congratulations from PPOC

Check out the other Merit Winners 

Image Comp 

Congratulations to the PPOC 2019 Image competition award winners.

Irene Bowers - Photographer of the Year.

Ana Momentary - Wedding

Lisa Erickson - Photojournalism

Jon Cook - Photojournalism

Roalind Guder - Portrait Traditional  

Kat Meezan - Portrait High School

John Aranas - Open

Awards presented at the PPOC Open house

Featured member

Members' Corner

IPC Award Winners 2019

Congratulations to this years IPC award winners.

Rosalind Guder

"The Rat Catcher" Creative Open, Merit and Finalist for Grand Imaging Awards

"Upon Closer Inspection" Creative Open, Merit and Finalist for Grand Imaging Awards

"The Corsetmaker", Portrait Merit Award

"The Founding Father", Artist. Merit Award

"Not My Fault", Artist, Merit Award

"Putting' On the Ritz", Artist, Merit Award

"Holmes & Watson", Illustrative, Merit Award

Irene Bowers

 “A Dip Into 1924” Loan Collection. First place in retouching for the District Imaging awards and went on to be a Grand Imaging Award finalist with IPC.

“In Dreams” General-   Merit Award

“Venus Blinded by Cupid –Through the Sculptor’s Eyes” Loan Collection

“Wetland Wonder” Loan Collection

Kat Meezan

Shades of Red - Portrait - Merit Award

My Pet Petunia - Portrait - Merit award

Focused - Portrait - Merit award

Twinkle Toes - Artistry open - Merit award

Heroes Leaders & Champions - Artistry open - Merit award

Kristi Sutton Elias

“Internal Conflict” Loan Collection

“The Mermaid Queen” Loan Collection

“Olaf the Witch-Breaker” Loan Collection

“The Bounty Hunter” Loan Collection

“Viking Rite of Passage” Merit Collection

“The Adventures of Captain Jack” Merit Collection

“Young Mother Nature” Merit Collection

“The Pendulum Swung her Depression Won” Merit Collection

Look at the Award Winning Images in Previous Winner page 


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President's Address:

Welcome to 2019

Dear PPOC Members Present and Past, 

I would like to welcome you to 2019. A new year, a new time and even more change. These are 3 things that keep life and exciting yet at the same time, we seem to accept them while kicking and dragging. Here at PPOC we wish we could flip the switch for AUTOPILOT however our members expect more from us. To that note, the first change is that I have come back to head PPOC with an even greater crew to help me with all that PPOC has to offer. So lets me begin by thanking Trudy Brown for handling Communications, John Aranas for heading up Image Competition, Jack Ochoa for managing our money, Xuong Do for taking charge of Membership and our newest member John Cook for handling records keeping. Without these AMAZINGLY giving people, PPOC simply would not exist. With that said we only get better with your help and participation. Make the most of your membership by showing up to all meetings and workshops, get even more by attending a board meeting or 3, held on the first Wednesday of each month. If you can’t commit to that we will always welcome your assistance at an occasional event.

 As many of you know I have previously taken the helm of PPOC and I have already been asked why would you come back? Over the past couple of years, I have repeatedly heard how MUCH FUN PEOPLE HAD with the networking and socializing that PPOC had allowed them to have. With our new BEAUTIFUL LOCATION and choices of restaurants nearby we are bringing this aspect back to PPOC.  Come Join us at The Gypsy Den before our meetings for great Food, Drinks and Open Chit Chat with your fellow members and friends, afterward head on up for a fantastic line-up of GREAT SPEAKERS!!
2019 Is also bringing along great changes thanks to our Print Comp Director John Aranas! We have competed and listened to our members and this year made sweeping changes for YOU!
First, we have split up the Portrait Categories in 4 different categories including, Fine Art, Camera Based Traditional, High School Seniors, Children & Infants. We have also taken the Electronic Artistry and divided that into 2 different Categories, one for Living Primary subject matter and the other for Non-Living Subject matter. Why did we do this? In today’s age of photography, we want to recognize and reward great Photographers as well as great Electronic Artists.
Our members and our board recognized the need to separate the two genera’s of work. Traditional Camera Based work has a very difficult time competing with 
post-production based or Electronic Art based work. Read all about these new changes on the Image Comp pages of
As we are implementing so many new changes to Image Competition, we also want your involvement and understanding of these rules! So, we are GIVING TO OUR MEMBERS a COMPLEMENTARY workshop. This workshop will be held on Saturday, February 2 starting at 10 am and running until 2 pm. For our new members we will cover the 12 Elements of Image Competition and for our renewing members, we will also cover all of the new changes to the rules. At the end of this, we will also take your images, discuss how judges may look at them and then apply some of the elements to them to see how they may have a better opportunity to score merits or Best Of Recognition.
On that 
note, we are also adding an Image Comp Review 2 week prior to each image competition where you may submit up to 6 images at a cost of $10.00 for an informal review of how they will likely score in image comp and then discuss how changes may help them.  You then have 2 weeks to incorporate any shown changes or expressed ideas into your images before entering image competition. Please note that we cannot save any changes to anything that we show during class as Image Comp rules state that you must either make any changes yourself or expressly direct any changes, meaning if you liked any of the ideas’s presented you have 2 weeks to do them yourself or get help if learning how.
We want to hear from you! As you can see we listen and want to make PPOC a better place for everybody. This means you and your friends. We would love your involvement at our Board Meetings which take place the first Wednesday of each month, we would love to hear from you by phone, email or in person at any meeting. Please don’t hesitate to say HI and share your comments with us!!
Here is to a fantastic 2019
Duane Murphy

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