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Professional Photographers of Orange County is an organization that is dedicated to the continued Education of new and Professional Photographers. We achieve this by hosting Monthly Meetings, Workshops, Image Competitions Safaris, and Networking Events.

Our members are committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards in our industry. 

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Professional Photographers of Orange County

February 6, 2023

President’s Message

As we begin the second month of 2023, I am reminded that we successfully ended 2022.  We have come out of the pandemic and we are starting to have gatherings face to face.  Our goal for 2023 will be to bring all of our members together to share our profession with each other and grow in our photographic skills.

PPOC has been in existence since 1974.  Originally part of the Professional Photographers West (now PPLAC).  In 1974 several photographers in Orange County decided that to best represent photographers in the OC, we should have our own organization.  Jim Schmidt, Ellen Bak and Dave Anderson organized the very first meeting.  Photographers in the OC were invited to gather at the Jolly Roger restaurant in Anaheim to setup what was to become The Professional Photographers of Orange County.  PPOC became affiliated with the Professional Photographers of California and PPA.  Over the years PPOC became one of the largest and strongest associations in California.  The majority of members were studio owners.  Their employees were also members.  PPOC also had student members from Orange Coast College and Cypress College.

I was President in 1979-1980.  At that time PPOC had over 200 members.  Our meetings were monthly and included a program and print competition.  It was not unusual for meetings to last past midnight.  As I reflect back on the last, almostgrwoth 50 years, professional photography has seen dramatic changes.  Technology has had the biggest impact our profession.  Who would have thought we would use computers for processing our images.  Who would have thought that our best friends, the color labs, would begin to disappear.  The labs are not gone, but there are just a few remaining.  The biggest change was the digital technology.  Film is still out there, however it represents a small percentage of the actual number of photographs taken.  Since 2000, we have seen huge increase in quality of our digital images.  Our cameras have gotten smaller (physically) and the quality of the images are getting better each day.  We are sharing our images via email, Dropbox, airdrop, texting and…..

As one who has seen the changes over the years, it requires a refreshing process every few years.  More of our businesses have moved home.  In other words, home based businesses are very common. 

The one standard of our profession which has not changed is marketing and branding.  We still rely on our clients for our existence.  The way we market is the key to our success.  We have so many more ways available to us.  In 1974 we did not have social media and the internet.  We relied on Yellow Pages for a major part of our advertising.  When was the last time you saw a Yellow Pages book?

What does the future hold for PPOC.  The future of PPOC is our membership base. Our membership is the strength of our future.  Bringing our members together on a regular basis will make our organization a strong, viable group.  We share our successes and our problems and together we can work together for our growth.

This year PPOC will have 4 image competitions, monthly meetings and outings were we share our skills and have fun.  Lastly, I want to invite you step and volunteer.  Our board needs a few more members and we want to have activities that require planning.  Please step up and let us know you are here. 

I want to introduce our board of directors.

            Tim Mathiesen – President

            John Aranas – Vice President – Image Comp Chair

            John Sorenson – Secretary

            April Zegars – Membership

            Brandy Constantino – Board Member

            Mike Lee – Board Member

            Sandra Foyt – Webmaster

            Duane Murphy – Chairman of the Board

Each of our board members are doing an outstanding job, however they need help.  If you are able, please contact to volunteer.

November 2023

Best in Show 

"Fueled and Ready to GO!"  

By Duane Murphy

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November 2023

Best in Upper Division

"Time Out"

By Bobby Tan

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