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Upcoming events

    • 06/22/2024
    • 2:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    • Corona, CA (exact location, sent after registration)

    Beyond Time Travel: Advanced Techniques in Special Effect Photography with Frederick Van Johnson

    COME JOIN PPOC...for a creative day of photography, filled with friends, networking, a catered buffet lunch, and live models in multiple areas and sets. Guest-speaker Frederick Van Johnson will present on special effect techniques of motion photography, light manipulation, long & multiple exposures, and levitation. The rest of the day will be photographing amazing models in multiple scenes with smoke and bubble machines.

    The event will begin at 2 pm, where Frederick Van Johnson will have an interactive discussion called Beyond Time Travel. Frederick's career includes time with Apple and Adobe, and he is the leader of the TWIP – This Week in Photo Community and Podcast. The rest of the day will be spent using your gear and creating amazing photographs hands-on. Multiple shooting locations, real-world photographic challenges, and real time problem-solving all leading to amazing photos created by you!! Informal assistance will be available…


    You won’t want to miss this fantastic event!

    Join us and transform your photographic journey!

    The workshop is ONLY...

    $99 for PPOC & IEPPV Members

    $150 for Affiliates

    $199 for Non-Members


    Professional Photographers of Orange County


    Frederick is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of The TWiP podcast — a popular and influential photography show. Frederick served as Chairman of the Board at Brooks Institute ([]( as well as strategy and marketing advisor for several photography tech companies.

    Frederick began his career as a Combat Photojournalist in the United States Air Force, where he served for 8 years, and was decorated many times for his exemplary work in the field. Frederick’s unit at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California was among the first in the armed forces to receive, and put into daily use, digital imaging processes and DSLR camera equipment. As a result,

    Frederick was awarded the prestigious U.S. Air Force Commendation medal for his key role in facilitating the USAF’s transition from film-based photography to digital imaging.

    After being honorably discharged from his photojournalism unit in the US Air Force, Frederick went on to study visual communication and marketing at the University of California at Santa Barbara.

    As a prior employee of Apple and Adobe, Frederick was a key player in the development of iPhoto and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, respectively. Also while at Adobe, he was the director for professional photographer marketing and outreach.

    More recently - 360º video, and virtual and augmented reality based photography.

    Today Frederick lives in Northern California, and continues to podcast and practice photography whenever possible.

    Last year 2023 Frederick and TWIP became part of SmugMug.

    • 08/14/2024
    • 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM

    Making money with Headshots & Off-Camera Flash. 

    5pm-6:30pm Come join PPOC for Dinner and Drinks 

    6:30pm - 9:00pm Meet Ning Wong and PPOC for this evenings discussion on Off-Camera Flash and 5 Easy Techniques for making money in your existing or new headshot business.

    Ning's diverse career path is what makes him so unique and versatile. Right after UCLA, he started out as an electrical engineer, became an IT Director, dove into sales and marketing, and finally ended up as a Microsoft technical trainer and corporate event planner. After leaving the corporate rat race to pursue his dream of photography, he started Ning Wong Studios, a Southern California based photography and cinematography studio.

    Weddings are his passion and business. What he enjoys most is the experience of photographing and filming people in all aspects of life. Ning takes great pride in knowing he is regarded as a true people person. His natural ability to connect with others combined with his innate friendliness always brings an air of positive energy, kindness and empathy to every job he does. Also, with his vast knowledge of technology and wedding expertise, you can ask Ning for his recommendations on the latest gear or the best vendors for your wedding!

    When he is not behind the camera, he enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and daughter, newborn son, family, friends and dog (Ewok). He absolutely loves what he does and can't imagine doing anything different!

Past events

06/08/2024 San Joaquin Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary MeetUp & Photo Walk
04/13/2024 MeetUp Photo walk in Newport Dunes/Back Bay
04/07/2024 No Studio/Small Studio Workshop with Marnie Clagett
03/27/2024 No Studio/Small Studio - with Marnie Clagett
12/06/2023 Holiday Party and Installation
09/30/2023 Janet Bark: The Art of the Headshot
09/06/2023 Art of the Headshot with Janet Bark
06/03/2023 Joshua Tree - Full Moon
04/23/2023 Hugh Foster Studio Share in Santa Ana
02/15/2023 Dinner Hangout with IEPPV
07/06/2022 Ronan Ryle of 3XM - Finding your Tribe and Building YOUR community
08/26/2020 Photographers Social Hour - Protect your Investment
06/24/2020 Photographers Social Hour June
05/27/2020 Photographers Social Hour May
04/29/2020 Social Hour April
03/25/2020 Photographers Open forum
02/23/2020 Celebrity Style Imaging - Bry Cox
02/22/2020 Psychology of Pricing and Sales - Bry Cox
01/16/2020 Imaging USA – Way More Than Just a Trade Show
12/07/2019 Affiliate Training - How you say it makes a difference
04/11/2019 Lighting - Workshop with George DeLoache
12/06/2018 Board of Directors Meeting
11/14/2018 Image Comp
11/01/2018 Board of Directors Meeting
10/10/2018 Steve Lopushinsky - Art of Running a Portrait Studio Presentation
10/04/2018 Board of Directors Meeting
09/12/2018 Image Comp
09/12/2018 PPC's West Coast School Cruise
09/08/2018 PPC State Board Meeting
09/06/2018 Board of Directors Meeting
08/02/2018 Board of Directors Meeting
07/05/2018 Board of Directors Meeting
06/20/2018 Image Comp
06/10/2018 PPC's West Coast School
06/09/2018 PPC State Board Meeting
06/07/2018 Board of Directors Meeting
05/12/2018 May Flowers - Workshop with Karen Nakamura
05/03/2018 Board of Directors Meeting
04/21/2018 PPC State Board Meeting
04/17/2018 Landscape - Workshop with Dan Holmes- Canceled
04/05/2018 Board of Directors Meeting
03/24/2018 Safari - A Walk in the Cemetery
03/14/2018 Image Comp
03/01/2018 Board of Directors Meeting
02/22/2018 Lighting - Workshop with George DeLoache
02/01/2018 Board of Directors Meeting
01/27/2018 PPC State Board Meeting
01/17/2018 PPOC's 2018 Open House with Roberto Valenzuela
01/04/2018 Board of Directors Meeting
12/07/2017 Board of Directors Meeting
11/08/2017 Image Comp
09/13/2017 Up in SMOKE
08/09/2017 Image Comp
06/28/2017 Image Comp
06/14/2017 The "secrets" of Image Composition Using Photoshop
05/10/2017 Image Comp
02/08/2017 Image Comp
01/19/2017 Breaking the Mold in Studio Portrait Lighting - Workshop with Tim Meyer
01/18/2017 PPOC's 2017 Open House with Tim Meyer
11/09/2016 Image Comp
10/12/2016 Larry Vogel - What would Ansel Do?
09/14/2016 Image Comp
08/10/2016 Boudoir Photography with Cherie Steinberg
05/11/2016 Image Comp
04/14/2016 Lighting Techniques with Rick Ferro
02/10/2016 Image Comp
01/27/2016 Monthly Meeting - PPOC Open House Frank Salas
09/09/2015 Special Event - An Evening with Jerry Ghoinis @ Studio Exchange
07/09/2015 Vincent Versace - Workshop
07/08/2015 Vincent Versace
04/08/2015 Duane Murphy - The Adventures of the Lucky Otter, What you need to know about Drone Photography
03/26/2015 PPC's Pro Photo Expo & Confrence
03/11/2015 An evening with Ana Brandt
02/18/2015 Special Event - PPOC Members only!! A night with Jerry
11/12/2014 Image Comp #4 - Are you READY!!
10/08/2014 Venders Night
09/10/2014 Image Comp #3 - Are you READY!!
08/13/2014 Iconic Portrait Lighting with George DeLoache
06/11/2014 June Image Competition
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