Upcoming events

    • 07/28/2018
    • 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM
    • OC Fair, Costa Mesa CA

    Come join us at the OC Fair for an evening of Fun, Photography and Friendship and Fairing (OK Sharing at the Fair)!!

    Fun: Who doesn't love the fair!! Lights, Rides, Fair Food (Deep fried something) and did we  mention LIGHTS!!

    Photography: This is really cool, Yes anybody can bring a camera to the OC Fair, but our group will be allowed to bring Tri-Pods and we will be supplying Studio Lighting gear to some Model work and Portraits of REAL PEOPLE. - The OC Fair DOES NOT ALLOW THE GENERAL PUBLIC THIS PRIVILEGE!! THIS WILL BE FOR PPOC AND PPC THIS ONE NIGHT ONLY!!

    Friends: PPC and PPOC members, spouses and anybody you wish to bring. FAIR ADMISSION TO BE PAID AT THE GATE or ONLINE.

    Fairing (Sharing at the Fair) we will be sharing tips, tricks, ideas on how to create Motion/Freeze frame or Long Exposure portraits at the fair with full studio lights. As there are so many different lighting challenges and ideas this will be a VERY RARE OPPORTUNITY to try, experiment and create AWESOMELY UNIQUE PORTRAITS for your own use, portfolios and fine art collections.

    If you wish to bring a tripod please bring it to the Santa Ana Center for the Digital Arts at 310 W. 5th St. Santa Ana CA 92701 on Saturday July 28th before 5pm. The Santa Ana Center for Digital Arts is the location for the PPA Quarterly Meeting. We will have a member of PPOC deliver the Tri-Pods to the Visual Arts Center at the OC Fair by 7PM so they may be tagged and cleared by security.

    Once inside the OC Fair please be at the Visual Arts Building Stage to pick up your equipment by 7pm. Studio Lights will be supplied by PPOC for use in Designated areas of the fair. If you can not be there by 7pm we will have a PPOC member available to meet you to get you your tripod. PLEASE NOTE: SECURITY WILL NOT ALLOW TRIPODS THROUGH THE MAIN GATES.

    If you have any questions, you may contact Duane Murphy at 714.863.2126 or by email at duane@ShashinPhotography.com.

    Register now as space for this event is VERY LIMITED.

    • 08/15/2018
    • 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM
    • California Center for Digital Arts

    “Beautiful Panoramas Made Easy”

    Tim Mathiesen

    Panorama photographs, once only possible with special format cameras, can now be created with any digital camera.  This program will take you through the creation of beautiful pans using your favorite camera and software.  Whether you are using a high end DSLR, Mirrorless, a point-and-shoot or your smart phone, you will learn how easy it is to create panoramic images.

    During the program, we will discuss equipment, accessories, exposure and techniques that will make stitching simple and fun.  We will actually create a pan while you watch.  Software will be discussed, as well as plug-ins that will make your images even more beautiful.  Come prepared to learn the simple techniques that will enhance your landscape photography.

    Tim Mathiesen has over 50 years experience in the photographic industry.  His experience ranges from operating his own business to marketing management positions at several leading photographic manufactures.  He is a recognized expert in panoramic and commercial photography.  He has traveled the world as a speaker, photographer and educator looking for that fleeting image.  Tim has won many international and national awards for his photography.  His website, www.panoscenes.com, is a showcase for his award winning photography.  As a graduate of Brooks Institute of Photography, he has gone on to earn the Fellowship of the American Society of Photographers, the Masters degree from the Professional Photographers of America and the Master Photographer from the Professional Photographers of California.  Tim is a PPA international qualified photographic juror and Jury Chairperson.  He has conducted image critiques in the USA, England, Mexico, Canada, Korea and Japan.  He has over 150 PPA exhibition merits and more than 40 images in the PPA Loan Collection.  He has won the Kodak Gallery Elite Award, 6 Fuji Masterpiece Awards and 5 Kodak Gallery awards.  Tim has served as President of several state, national and international photographic organizations. 


    DATE, TIME and SPEAKER are Subject to Change.

    • 09/12/2018
    • 7:00 AM
    • 09/19/2018
    • 9:00 PM
    • California Center for Digital Arts
    PPC's West Coast School is hosting a Cruise!

    Pacific Wine Country Cruise

    For more information: http://www.westcoastschool.com/

    • 10/10/2018
    • 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM
    • California Center for Digital Arts

    Sneak preview of who will be our speaker!  More to come!!!!

    DATE, TIME and SPEAKER are Subject to Change.

Past events

07/11/2018 Speaker Rick Diaz- Combat Photographer Presentation
06/10/2018 PPC's West Coast School
05/12/2018 May Flowers - Workshop with Karen Nakamura
05/09/2018 Speaker Karen Nakamura - May Flowers Presentation
04/18/2018 Speaker Dan Holmes - Landscape Presentation
04/17/2018 Landscape - Workshop with Dan Holmes- Canceled
02/22/2018 Lighting - Workshop with George DeLoache
02/21/2018 Speaker George DeLoache - Lighting Presentation
01/17/2018 PPOC's 2018 Open House with Roberto Valenzuela
12/07/2017 Workshop with Frank Peele - Up Close and Amazing: Hands On
09/15/2017 PPC Pro Photo Conference & Expo
06/17/2017 **Workshop** Image Composition in Photoshop
06/14/2017 The "secrets" of Image Composition Using Photoshop
04/13/2017 **WORKSHOP** Black and White Character Portraits with Pete Rezac
04/12/2017 Black & White Children's Character Portraits with Pete Rezac
03/08/2017 Speaker Steve Brazill
03/08/2017 March Meeting with Steve Brazill - The Joy of Music Photography
01/19/2017 Breaking the Mold in Studio Portrait Lighting - Workshop with Tim Meyer
01/18/2017 PPOC's 2017 Open House with Tim Meyer
10/12/2016 Larry Vogel - What would Ansel Do?
07/13/2016 How to get (and deal) with a Professional Photo Agent
06/30/2016 **WORKSHOP** Turning your Photos into Fine Art with Florina Romoser
06/08/2016 Turning your Photos into Fine Art with Florina Romoser
04/14/2016 Lighting Techniques with Rick Ferro
03/10/2016 Photoshop with the Amazing Michael Collins
03/09/2016 Photoshop Instruction with Michael Collins
02/02/2016 PPA Western District Competition
01/27/2016 Monthly Meeting - PPOC Open House Frank Salas
11/11/2015 Image Competition 4
09/09/2015 Special Event - An Evening with Jerry Ghoinis @ Studio Exchange
08/12/2015 Image Competition 3
07/09/2015 Vincent Versace - Workshop
06/14/2015 West Coast School
05/13/2015 Image Competition 2
04/08/2015 Duane Murphy - The Adventures of the Lucky Otter, What you need to know about Drone Photography
03/26/2015 PPC's Pro Photo Expo & Confrence
03/12/2015 (WORKSHOP) Babies and Bellies a day in the studio with Ana
03/11/2015 An evening with Ana Brandt
02/18/2015 Special Event - PPOC Members only!! A night with Jerry
02/11/2015 Image Competition 1
11/12/2014 Image Comp #4 - Are you READY!!
10/08/2014 Venders Night
09/10/2014 Image Comp #3 - Are you READY!!
08/14/2014 Workshop - Iconic Portrait Lighting with George DeLoache
08/13/2014 Iconic Portrait Lighting with George DeLoache
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