Upcoming events

    • 11/02/2022
    • 6:00 PM - 9:30 PM
    • Zoom meeting

    New Category- Upper Division!

    Categories: Album, Commercial, Computer Artistry Creative, Computer Artistry Living, Critique, Nature/Landscape, Open, Photo Journalism, Portrait, Traditional Portrait, Pet Portraiture, Wedding, Upper Division  

    Upper Division- For those who have achieved top awards at PPOC and wants to put your image against you piers. Judging and critiques will be tighter. This will be a fantastic  prep for IPC and CPP competition. Check the PPOC Image competition rules for more information.

    Take your photography skills to the next level, find a new focus for your work, get feedback on your images, The answer is different for every photographer, but no matter what your reason, we can assure you that photographic competitions are a great opportunity to improve your technical and creative skills as both a photographer and as an artist.

    Non-participants  are also invited to watch the competition. Please register. 

    Submit you images through printcompetition.com

    Be sure to register for Zoom Registration link 

    • 11/10/2022
    • 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    • Great American Portraits/CCDA 207 N. Broadway Santa Ana CA 92701


    A full day with

    Arthur Levi Rainville, M.Photog., Cr., CPP, API 

    There’s so much more to you.  Hidden secrets waiting for their awakening… to make authentic work, take your efforts to a unique, marketable niche.  Join our profession’s resident sage, Arthur Levi Rainville for a program unlike any other.  Yes, you need the classical skills of lighting, posing, composing, the contemporary marketing and business essentials.  But to grow to a place that you can tout as your own, rise above the masses, please yourself…you need to journey within.

    Arthur has been touting the Art & Heart message for 50 years to image makers across the country.  But everything that’s old is new again… he’ll trot out an un-state-of-the-art approach to creating that the world can’t do on their cell phones. He’ll share thoughts from his forthcoming book; KenZen – the Art of Reflective Creating…innovative concepts for making more personal, rarified work.  From Primal Aesthetics to soul-searching connectivity skills, he will share an array of neo-digital era impressions. We will delve into the realm of IsolationismPith RealismSuggestivismand Invisibilism…all will add an eloquent dimension to any photography.  In live sessions, Arthur will explore the alchemy of Sfumato atmospheric lighting, the soul of Tenebrism, and the later sophistication of Tonalism.  And he’ll demonstrate the photojournalistic dégagé approach of subject connection.  Emotional highs, shaking lows, this program will charge your creative spirit like no other.

    In the After-Glow session, Arthur will engage us in a Question/Answer Push-Me-Pull-You of ideas that are relevant, meaningful to just you.  Be Prepared !  You WILL leave this day changed forever.


Past events

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04/08/2020 What! There are other editors besides PHOTOSHOP!! OMG!!
03/25/2020 Photographers Open forum
03/11/2020 Printing - What you don't know that you need to know - Eric Joseph
02/23/2020 Celebrity Style Imaging - Bry Cox
02/22/2020 Psychology of Pricing and Sales - Bry Cox
02/13/2020 Fun with Photoshop - Taught by Michael Collins
02/12/2020 Fun with Photoshop, Featuring Michael Collins
01/16/2020 Imaging USA – Way More Than Just a Trade Show
01/08/2020 PPOC 2020 Open House featuring Cheryl Walsh - 20 Years - A Mermaid Project
12/07/2019 Affiliate Training - How you say it makes a difference
10/30/2019 PPOC IC Review #4
10/23/2019 Taking your Images to the Next Level
10/20/2019 Panorama Presentation by Tim Mathiesen
09/12/2019 Workshop with Frank Peele - Let's have fun with Drops, Splashes and Crashes!
07/31/2019 PPOC IC Review #3
06/16/2019 Celebrity Lighting with Matthew Jordan Smith
04/24/2019 PPOC IC Review #2
04/11/2019 Lighting - Workshop with George DeLoache
04/10/2019 Speaker George DeLoache - Lighting Presentation
03/14/2019 Simple, Portable Off-Camera Light Workshop with Kimberly Olker
02/02/2019 How to Merit in Image Comp, Keys to SUCCESS
01/30/2019 PPOC IC Review
10/10/2018 Steve Lopushinsky - Art of Running a Portrait Studio Presentation
09/12/2018 PPC's West Coast School Cruise
08/15/2018 Panorama Presentation by Tim Mathiesen
07/28/2018 OC Fair
07/11/2018 Speaker Rick Diaz- Combat Photographer Presentation
06/10/2018 PPC's West Coast School
05/12/2018 May Flowers - Workshop with Karen Nakamura
05/09/2018 Speaker Karen Nakamura - May Flowers Presentation
04/18/2018 Speaker Dan Holmes - Landscape Presentation
04/17/2018 Landscape - Workshop with Dan Holmes- Canceled
02/22/2018 Lighting - Workshop with George DeLoache
02/21/2018 Speaker George DeLoache - Lighting Presentation
01/17/2018 PPOC's 2018 Open House with Roberto Valenzuela
12/07/2017 Workshop with Frank Peele - Up Close and Amazing: Hands On
09/15/2017 PPC Pro Photo Conference & Expo
06/17/2017 **Workshop** Image Composition in Photoshop
06/14/2017 The "secrets" of Image Composition Using Photoshop
04/13/2017 **WORKSHOP** Black and White Character Portraits with Pete Rezac
04/12/2017 Black & White Children's Character Portraits with Pete Rezac
03/08/2017 March Meeting with Steve Brazill - The Joy of Music Photography
03/08/2017 Speaker Steve Brazill
01/19/2017 Breaking the Mold in Studio Portrait Lighting - Workshop with Tim Meyer
01/18/2017 PPOC's 2017 Open House with Tim Meyer
10/12/2016 Larry Vogel - What would Ansel Do?
07/13/2016 How to get (and deal) with a Professional Photo Agent
06/30/2016 **WORKSHOP** Turning your Photos into Fine Art with Florina Romoser
06/08/2016 Turning your Photos into Fine Art with Florina Romoser
04/14/2016 Lighting Techniques with Rick Ferro
03/10/2016 Photoshop with the Amazing Michael Collins
03/09/2016 Photoshop Instruction with Michael Collins
02/02/2016 PPA Western District Competition
01/27/2016 Monthly Meeting - PPOC Open House Frank Salas
11/11/2015 Image Competition 4
09/09/2015 Special Event - An Evening with Jerry Ghoinis @ Studio Exchange
08/12/2015 Image Competition 3
07/09/2015 Vincent Versace - Workshop
06/14/2015 West Coast School
05/13/2015 Image Competition 2
04/08/2015 Duane Murphy - The Adventures of the Lucky Otter, What you need to know about Drone Photography
03/26/2015 PPC's Pro Photo Expo & Confrence
03/12/2015 (WORKSHOP) Babies and Bellies a day in the studio with Ana
03/11/2015 An evening with Ana Brandt
02/18/2015 Special Event - PPOC Members only!! A night with Jerry
02/11/2015 Image Competition 1
11/12/2014 Image Comp #4 - Are you READY!!
10/08/2014 Venders Night
09/10/2014 Image Comp #3 - Are you READY!!
08/14/2014 Workshop - Iconic Portrait Lighting with George DeLoache
08/13/2014 Iconic Portrait Lighting with George DeLoache
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