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Speaker Dan Holmes - Landscape Presentation

  • 04/18/2018
  • 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM
  • California Center for Digital Arts

Dan Holmes

The Elusive Landscape

Powerful and Emotional Landscape Photography.

Dan Holmes travels the world exploring, discovering, and telling stories with light. He is a top tier landscape and nature photographer, with national and international awards.  Known for his emotional and evocative imagery, he takes great pleasure in teaching about photographing in the natural world.  His photographic workshops cover creating powerful photographs, digital workflow, field workshops and photo adventure tours. He leads photo workshops in Alaska, Nepal, Namibia, the western US, and South America. 

The Elusive Landscape

A photographic Journey with Dan Holmes.

What makes a powerful Landscape or Nature Photograph?  How do we find it?  What gives a photograph “staying power”? How does it become a “lifetime image”?  How do we separate the image from all that beautiful nature?  How do we find and create emotional photographs using just what we see?

In his presentation, Dan will entertain, educate, and inspire in this journey we call life and photography.  He will lead us on a visual journey through some of our most amazing locations, discuss how to create powerful imagery, and leave you with the desire to get out, discover, and photograph in this wonderful world of ours. 

Dan will talk about chasing light, building a composition, finding images that are hidden in the scenery, some simple rules, and about the joys of being outside and discovering nature’s beauty.  Alaska, Nepal, Utah, Nevada, or the local park – the location doesn’t matter – connecting with the moment, the light, and the emotion does. 

The examples will be mainly landscape and nature – but the thoughts and ideas apply across all genres.  It is all about connecting, seeing, and the joy of discovery!  

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