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Marketing and Finding Clients

  • 05/19/2021
  • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Zoom

Marketing and Finding Clients

Presented by Duane Murphy.

Duane has been self-employed for over 30 plus years, over that time he has learned how to ride the up and downs of micro business and as a result has become adept at reading the invisible industry signs to find sanity in markets that most find impossible include this period call ‘Social Distancing’ or ‘Covid’.

Let’s start with this… Who expected 2020!! Who really knows what 2021 will bring? There is no question that photographers have been hit by current world affairs harder than most. Really, take out-photography, we are not restaurants, we need clients in front of cameras. Families don’t stop growing, children don’t stop being born, people don’t stop graduating and now more then ever online sales needs imagery. The question is, “How do you find clients?”, Business to business shows and expos are still on hold, Schools are still remote, offices are work at home, just how do you get in front of your clients? Oh, let’s just get this out of the way, PAYING CLIENTS.

Social Media is Business Media, In this eye opening and wallet growing session, Duane will show you how to PROPERLY leverage Social Media Advertising to replace traditional advertising methods. By the way many of these tips will also enhance traditional advertising methods to make sure you book clients. Make no mistake, this is not a session to tell you to run a ‘Facebook Ad’ and life is good!! Nope, Facebook ads, WHITHOUT this information will only make Mark Z. even richer; THIS SESSION WILL PUT CLIENTS IN YOUR SEATS AND MONEY IN YOUR WALLET.

How do you know? November 2020 Great American Portraits used Facebook Ads and safe CDC practices to host a 20K Plus weekend! In 2020 While most studios were closed, we were able to safely host portrait sessions through the year. We got in front of our clients then and we are doing it now, this session we will show you how we do this!!

If you think Social Media Ads are a waste of money, you learn what is being missed.

If you have tried Social Media Ads and they did not work? You will discover the mission pieces.

If you have no idea how social media advertising works, or think you do, this session is your launch pad to get started RIGHT!

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