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"Creating Art with Animal Photography" With Irene Bowers

  • 07/10/2019
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • California Center for Digital Arts.

Creating Art with Animal Photography

Irene Bowers is a local and international award winning photographer

specializing in computer artistry. While she enjoys many different genres

of photography, she is particularly drawn to translating her background and

skills as a technical illustrator and artist into the photographic realm,

creating composites that are both vivid and visionary. Whether creating

simple portraits or a complex composition, photoshop is th

e medium upon

which she builds her images into painterly works of art. She loves using

digital media as a vehicle to bridge photography with her imagination.

Irene is a member of the Professional Photographers of America

(PPA), Professional Photographers of California (PPC) and Professional

Photographers of Orange County. She was recognized by PPC as

Photographer of the year for 2017, and was a Gold Medalist in this years

PPA International Photographic Competition, with two images placed in the

Loan Collection. She was recognized as Photographer of the Year for 2017

and 2018 by PPOC, as well as received Best Photographic Computer Artist

and Best Nature Photographer in those categories.

The Presentation

Thank you again for asking me to speak at your group. Animals are a

small portion of what I do, but I love them SO much! My main objective

during this topic is to show a few images and perhaps go through a

sample edit. Since a great deal of time is spent on each image, I

cannot replicate, exactly, that which I do in photoshop, but I thought we

could work through an image, which would highlight the following:

1. Masking an image (if needed)

2. Adding elements.

3. Creating backgrounds through textures.

4. Creating backgrounds with brushes.

5. The importance of photographing areas of nature that you could

composite your animal in. Just because you photographed the

animal at the zoo doesn’t mean you have to “keep it there.”

6. Demonstrating how I can use existing backgrounds and get

different results with plugins.

My presentation more stresses the creative freedom of thinking outside

the box.

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