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Photoshop and Lightroom with Adriana Lopez

  • 06/21/2023
  • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

“How to Turn a picture from ordinary to Extraordinary using Photoshop”

In this evening meeting you will learn about the exciting New Features in Photoshop 2023. We will discuss many of the new tools such as OBJECT FINDER and make multiple selections just by using the object finder. Photoshop's ability to selectdifferent objects and place them on separate layers. 

You will learn about the Neural Filters and I will show the Harmonization filter to blend objects when doing a composite

We will discuss Color transfer from on image to an other image 

The conversation will continue with the differencess between RAW file and JPG files, they each have their own benefits!

The reason you shoot RAW, is the Dynamic Range. Details in the Highlights, more detail in the image. A JPG is a lossy format, Jpg image is an 8bit. Raw handles 16 bit

File types:

JPEG   (Join Photographic Expert Group) Lossy Format, use for file transfer and multimedia

TIFF    (tagged image format) Lossless format hold the quality of the image for printing

PSD     Photoshop Document Lossless format holds all the layers, print and archive loosely 

DNG   Digital Negative – creates a text file is a format of Raw file that anyone can open into photoshop. 


We will uncover Camara RAW 14.5 and why masking in camara raw is advantagious to select Sky or Subject selections.  

If time allows we will dive into Creating lens flairs 

Using the Spot healing Brush properly to remove blemishes and changing the mode to lighten or Darken depending on the skin tone

Dodging and Burning to Retouch Skin using Curves

How to Soften Skin

Frequency Separation 

Create Actions 

Use High Pass to Sharpen an image  

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