2016 PPOC Board of Directors

Your board of directors are volunteers who help make the events, meetings, and background operations of PPOC happen as smoothly as possible. We are business owners, photographers and most of all people with a huge desire to help our members, friends and colleagues. Each of us joined the board for various reasons, but we are all very passionate about PPOC and are constantly learning better ways to conduct business both for PPOC and for ourselves. If you would like to learn how to help out, drop a note to president@ppoc.org

When you see us at an event, please come up to us and say HI, we want to meet each and every one of our members!! You spend your time and money to be part of this organization and we want to know who you are!!

President: Duane Murphy


As President my responsibility is to 'Guide' the direction of this organization. Being first a member, then Chairperson, and now President, I have gone from asking 'Why is this just done?' to learning this "This is what we need to to do?" to "How are these things getting completed?"

Duane Murphy if the owner Shashin (Sha (aaw) Shine (Sheen)) Photography. I am a Self Image Portrait Artist who loves to create stunning images that make people look like the way that they wish to be seen. I love to educate and help others to become better. By helping educate others we all take steps to making this industry better.

I want to hear from you. This organizations mission is best fulfilled when our members let us know what is important to them. We act to fullfill the requests of our members the best we can, the more that we know the better we can make decisions that will benefit the majority of our members

  Vice President


 Have returned to my "first love" - photography. Since I've expanded my location studio business, I've received so much interest in my  Commercial assignments that I've decided to devote 110% of my business time to the business that I started in the mid 70's.

2nd Vice President & Image Competition

Dene Olsen


Dene makes sure each and every Image Competition is fun and exciting and most of all, stresses all night to make sure everything runs flawlessly.

Jack Ochoa


I joined the board so I could be more involved with the organization to be able to learn from the members.
I work full time as an electrical contractor and part time as a photographer. I would like to increase my work as a photographer and eventually live in Hawaii. I hope to improve my skills as a photographer by being a PPOC member.


Trudy Brown


Trudy is the girl who gets the word out! She puts together our news letters and flyers to keep everybody in the know!! She also makes sure the President doesn't send any notes out, without proofing them first!!


Vivien Olsen


The first warm face and super energetic personality that our members get to meet. Responsible for maintaining our member rosters and track our growth.


PJ Clark


She is the lady with the notebook and pen. Responsible for record keeping and all of the back end admin tasks that keeps PPOC Official and Legal.

Chairman of the Board

Larry Griffin


PPOC's Immediate past President, Larry's job is to make sure the new President doesn't get off track and to offer his experience to help guide PPOC in the best directions for our members benefit.

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