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Professional Photographers of Orange County is an organization that is dedicated to the continued Education of new and Professional Photographers. We achieve this by hosting Monthly Meetings, Workshops, Image Competitions Safari's and Networking Events.

Our members are committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards in our industry. 

Upcoming events

  • 08/09/2017 7:00 PM • Center Digital Arts 310 W. 5th St. Santa Ana
  • 11/08/2017 7:00 PM • Center Digital Arts 310 W. 5th St. Santa Ana
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Ricks Photoshop Actions - Set 1

If you attended the October 2015 PPOC meeting you had the opportunity to be introduced to a few non-destructive techniques for retouching portraits. By popular request, I am distributing my Dodge and Burn, as well as my Frequency Separation Actions for our members. Attached to this documents should be a very small .atn document titled Ricks Actions.

To install the actions in Adobe Photoshop (CC and/or CS6)


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President's Address:

Dear PPOC,

I hope you are enjoying your summer!! The longer days, warmer evenings and longer sunsets are always amazing for Evening and Night Photography!!

PPOC has had an Amazing year, with many more exciting Image Competitions and Speakers yet to come, including a planned talk on the state of Copyright, featuring an old friend of PPOC Mark Plager. Copyright is once again a VERY HOT TOPIC as PPA is leading a Grass Roots movement to make some fundamental changes to how Copyright can be defended; most notably by helping create legislation that will allow for copyright to be defended in Small Claims court vs. the Civil System and a starting bank roll that in most cases begins at over 50,000.00 with no guarantee, visit for more information on this!

It seems like the Government is in high speed this year on issues that affect Photographers!! We are getting close to being able to legally fly Drones Commercially and SAFELY!! The FAA has recently released updated rules on the use of Drones and Photography! Yeah!! A couple of quick bullet points are that Drones need to be registered with the FAA weather commercial or non-commercial, and if you plan on flying commercial a Drone Program is in the works that will essentially cover a lot of the same WRITTEN MATERIAL that a PILOT’s training program would entail without the required flight training from inside of an aircraft, as drone pilots don’t leave the ground.

PPOC this year has already hosted 2 of our 4 image competitions, and have some amazing speakers including Rick Ferro, Florina Romoser, Cherie Steinberg and her husband Hedley Jones aka Deadly Hedley and our biggest surprise of the year, thus far, Maren Levinson of RED EYE Media who was an amazing hit. I want to THANK each PPOC member for supporting this AMAZING organization and making each of our speakers and judges feel so welcomed!! Now we are calling on you!! Yes, we are already hard at work trying to put together an amazing calendar for 2017, we would love to hear from you, who you would like to see speak in the OC! No name too big, No name too small, We are looking for people to talk about Photography, AMAZING CLIENT SERVICE, and anybody directly or indirectly involved with the industry to continue the standards that PPOC is known for.

The question of “Why enter image comp?” is a common question especially at the Affiliate level. For each of our members the Affiliate Level entry is the best place to sort out your best work!! Many of our judges, judge at the state and even national level, and by submitting your work here you can get feedback on up to 16 different images that can then move forward to State and even National. Each Merit at the national level is one merit towards your Masters Degree (Up to 12) and for each LOAN IMAGE you will receive 2 merits!! By getting your feedback here at PPOC you can fast-track your PPA Masters degree by 2-3 years!! Now how is that for a reason!! See our website for all of the other educational reasons that you will benefit from, by entering PPOC’s Quarterly Image Competitions!!

 I cannot wait to see you at the next meeting, even better please BRING A FRIEND!! We want to meet them too!!.


Duane Murphy

2016 President PPOC

Upcoming events

  • 08/09/2017 7:00 PM • Center Digital Arts 310 W. 5th St. Santa Ana
  • 11/08/2017 7:00 PM • Center Digital Arts 310 W. 5th St. Santa Ana

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